Jewelry can be a Talisman

Some might think that jewelry is a frivolous thing, just a way to adorn the body and spend money...but I would argue passionately that it is so much more. In fact, the attitude I find in some of my potential customers is one of self denial and I often have to remind them of the fact that there is great value in beauty and in wearing something that makes you feel happy. Everyone deserves that and I try to give my customers "permission" to purchase a piece for no other reason than that it makes them feel good to wear it! That they don't need to justify wanting a small beautiful thing just for themselves. Women are so used to doing for and giving to others, that they often feel sadly guilty about treating themselves a bit. And on the other hand, some customers astound me with there ability to imbue a piece of my mine with meaning. One of the most amazing experiences in my long history of selling my jewelry was a few months ago when a woman saw one of my pieces and felt called to try it on. She held it to her chest and just stood there "feeling" it. I asked her about it and she explained that she felt she had to have the necklace because she needed a talisman. This is not something you hear everyday (or EVER) and so I asked if she would share a bit about what it meant to her and she explained to me that, at that very moment, her house was on the fireline of one of the huge wildfires in Northern California and there was a good chance that it would burn. She felt that having a beautiful thing that she could wear and touch would give her good luck and a way to think positive thought in the face of possible disaster. needless to say, I was incredibly humbled and touched and in that moment realized that certain "things" in our lives can have such meaning and power attached to them. It is not an insignificant thing, indeed it is part of what makes us human. I know that certain objects that I have collected throughout my life give me both solace and pleasure and I am so glad that my jewelry takes on that kind of significance for some!